Up and coming Kansas City innovator, Justen Wack, was referred to Aranya by a local outsourcing and development company.

The Idea: Justen's plan was to build an internet monitoring, usage and accountability system, Saavi. Since his project is still under development, that's all the information you get…for now.

The Challenge: We face(d) numerous challenges as we embarked on building out Wack's system. First, Justen's project requires both client side and server side components; a combo that requires significant research as well as extensive eventual testing. Second, Justen's system is not little league- its functionality will rival many of the big hitters in his industry. Finally, Justen, like most innovators, is facing budget and timeline constraints.

The Solution: After significant research and requirement refinement, our team of engineers decided that the first step was to build out a proof of concept while finalizing the overall design and architecture. This approach, they determined, would help us to eliminate project “gotchas” and enable us to determine with certainty timeline and cost estimates for the entire project. The Outcome: Iteration 1 was completed under budget and the entire project will be more soundly engineered and accomplished at a significantly lower price point than was originally anticipated. Stay tuned!

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