Existing Businesses

Unity is a Kansas City-based, worldwide religious organization. They do everything from host events to education to World Day of Prayer to publishing. As such their web needs are considerable.

The Idea: For various reasons, Unity wanted to break their IT department into two parts- front end (how the site looks and what it says) versus back end (the engines and functionality actually driving the sites).

The Challenge: It was important to Unity that their back end developers possess the technical expertise to manage their extensive systems and site structure. More importantly, however, the two groups needed to be able to be able to efficiently work together and effectively communicate. Finally, Unity needed a system in place to easily manage their vast content management and publishing needs.

The Solution: First, Aranya physically situated a team member at Unity. This arrangement allowed for constant, consistent communication and enabled the teams to build a solid working rapport.

Secondly, we customized and deployed our sophisticated content management system, kaya. Kaya is designed from the ground up to bring together the four roles of web application and website development: developer, designer, content manager and member (or end user).

The Outcome: kaya continues to be instrumental in meeting Unity's development and publishing needs. They are able to quickly build out new modules, add additional functionality, manage content and adapt their website structure to meet new business needs.


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