Case Studies: Entrepreneurs

Well known Kansas City area entrepreneur, Seth Meinzen, approached Aranya in the spring of 2008.

The Idea: Seth's idea was to put GPS units on race cars to collect data which would be used to broadcast live races back to spectators via the internet.

The Challenge: By the time Meinzen stumbled upon Aranya, he had already sunk significant time and money in to two failed development efforts. Not only was his idea technically challenging, he needed a quality solution delivered quickly and affordably.

The Solution: Aranya thoroughly yet quickly assessed the existing system and documentation quickly discovering that building out a new system from scratch would ultimately save both time and money. We employed Java as the primary coding language, Electroserver as the server side engine and partnered with a skilled, Texas based hardware developer.

The Outcome: Within eight weeks Seth Meinzen became the proud owner of a fully functional application and was able to begin field testing.


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