Are you risking failure?

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

All too often we work with clients who, before working with us, have suffered greatly from lack of proper planning.  Their systems have little or no useful documentation which have led to them being built poorly and not working the way they are supposed to.  After large cost and time line overruns they finally come to us to help save them from the madness.

In the software world, this situation is all too common.  Software development is the Wild, Wild West, the undisciplined frontier.  It is rare to find a software development shop that has the discipline to do it right.  Most just do it quick and dirty, costing their clients more money, causing missed deadlines and resulting in software that is frustrating and doesn't work right.

Often the net result is that the business suffers and limps along until the pain is so great that people come to us to fix the problem.  The situation has gotten so bad that it is time to start from the beginning and rebuild costing even more time and money.

Don't let yourself fall into this trap.  Let us help you scope out, design and document your system right from the beginning.  This small investment up front actually reduces build time and costs so much that it more than makes up for the time and money put into he planning step.

Not only do we help you avoid suffering from a bad start and then having to start from scratch after months or years of pain, we reduce the overall money spent on the project from the beginning.

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