Aranya announces expansion, unveils new logo

Despite the slowdown in the economy, Aranya Software Technologies is experiencing significant growth. Aranya announced Tuesday that they are rolling out a new brand, expanding their offerings and moving in to a new corporate office.

During the first and second quarters of '09, Aranya launched an initiative to evaluate its business model, purpose and message. They engaged MINE, a Kansas City based identity system development firm, and refined who they are, refocused what they do and refreshed the way they look.

"MINE's unique process forced us to hone in on our core competencies and refocus on our primary target market- entrepreneurs and innovators," said Aranya's Chief Strategy Officer, Virginia Franzese Olin.

The company used the MINE findings to drive a massive overhaul of their brand. They are now operating with a newly designed logo, newly redesigned website and more clearly articulated message.

"At Aranya, we provide architecture, design and construction for the virtual world. Frequently when a client comes to us they have already invested resources in failed development efforts. Most of our clients are entrepreneurs and innovators with limited resources and it is crucial that their projects are built out successfully on the first attempt. Because of our commitment to successful software engineering, Aranya has become the trusted and capable go to for entrepreneurs, innovators and businesses throughout Kansas City and across the country," stated Olin.

In an effort to better meet the needs of its clients and strategic partners, Aranya has released an enterprise level content management system, kaya. "kaya is a sophisticated system designed from the ground up to bring together the four roles of web application and website development: developer, designer, content manager and member (or end user). We built and have been using kaya for years to streamline our development process, quickly build scalable custom websites and control cost. We are thrilled to now offer the many advantages of this tool to other businesses."

Aranya's new office, located in the lower level of the Historic Theatre Building in Mission, KS, opens August 17th.

About Aranya Software Technologies, Inc -

Aranya is a Kansas City based software engineering firm that delivers custom built software solutions. The company was founded in 1997 by CEO, Aaron Bono. Over the past 12 years, Aranya has become the trusted and capable go to for expertly architected, solidly constructed custom software solutions. For more information, contact Aaron Bono at or 816.695.6071.

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